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Wisdom teeth, often regarded as vestigial parts due to their late eruption and frequent removal, harbor a hidden treasure: stem cells. These stem cells, similar to those found in umbilical cord blood and bone marrow, offer a unique opportunity for medical advancements. Banking stem cells from wisdom teeth presents a proactive approach to personal health care, potentially safeguarding against future diseases and conditions. Dr. Bryan Chai and Dr. J. Brandon Luter can retrieve and bank these stem cells during regular wisdom teeth extractions.

Why Bank Stem Cells From Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, typically performed on young adults. This process provides an opportune moment to harvest stem cells, which are most potent when the individual is young. The stem cells in wisdom teeth, particularly in the dental pulp, are mesenchymal type, known for their ability to differentiate into a variety of cell types including bone, cartilage and muscle cells. Banking these cells provides a form of bio-insurance, a reserve of one’s own cells that could be crucial in future regenerative treatments.

Benefits of Banking Stem Cells From Wisdom Teeth?

Benefits of banking stem cells from wisdom teeth include:

  • Noninvasive Collection: The process of collecting stem cells from wisdom teeth is considerably less invasive than other methods of harvesting stem cells, such as bone marrow extraction. Since wisdom teeth are often extracted for medical reasons, the collection of stem cells does not require additional surgical procedures.
  • Youthful Vigor: Stem cells harvested at a younger age have greater regenerative potential. Banking these cells preserves their youthful state, offering a better foundation for future medical treatments.
  • Genetic Match: Using one’s own stem cells for medical treatment minimizes the risk of immune rejection. This compatibility is crucial for the success of many regenerative therapies.

Potential Uses of Dental Stem Cells

Dental stem cells can be used in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Regenerative Dentistry: Dental stem cells can be used to regenerate dental tissues, potentially revolutionizing the treatment of periodontal disease, tooth decay and even the regeneration of a whole tooth.
  • Bone Regeneration: Their ability to differentiate into osteoblasts (bone cells) makes dental stem cells a promising option for repairing bone fractures and treating bone diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Treatment of Systemic Diseases: Research suggests that dental stem cells could be used in the treatment of diseases beyond the oral cavity, including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and heart disease, by repairing damaged tissues and organs.

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As research advances, the scope of diseases and conditions that these stem cells could treat expands, making the decision to bank them a wise investment in your future health. Call Cherry Creek Restorative Dentistry today at 720-792-8227 to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeons and learn more about harvesting stem cells from wisdom teeth in Denver, Colorado.

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