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When our prosthodontists create your restorations or appliances, they use digital impressions to ensure the most precise and comfortable fit possible. Using advanced scanning, these impressions are highly detailed, allowing a perfect model of your teeth and mouth from which restorations and appliances can be created.

What Are Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions are a cutting-edge technological advancement in the dental field, offering a modern alternative to traditional dental molds. Utilizing sophisticated scanning technology, digital impressions capture precise images of a patient’s oral structures. These high-resolution, three-dimensional images provide an accurate representation of the teeth and gums, which is essential for the diagnosis, planning and treatment processes in prosthodontic care. This innovative approach eliminates the need for the uncomfortable and sometimes imprecise physical molding materials traditionally used in dental impressions.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

Digital impressions offer many benefits, including:

  • A more comfortable experience: digital impressions are less invasive and significantly more comfortable. They are an especially great option for those with a sensitive gag reflex or who experience anxiety about dental procedures, as the scanning process is minimally invasive and does not involve the use of goopy or messy impression materials.
  • A faster overall experience: digital impressions reduce the time needed for taking an impression and the overall treatment process. The offer immediate feedback, allow for quick adjustments and can even eliminate the need for multiple appointments!
  • Increased accuracy: digital impressions minimize the risk of errors and the need for retakes, instead creating better fitting restorations with minimal or no errors.

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