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If you are searching for a restorative or cosmetic dentist, you may find yourself with nearly endless choices. However, choosing the right dentist is key to achieving a final result that is high-quality, aesthetic, and functional. This is where our team at Cherry Creek Restorative Dentistry comes in. Our doctors are a type of dental specialists known as prosthodontists, and are uniquely qualified to provide you with the treatment you need to regain and continue enjoying your smile.

Prosthodontists vs. General Dentists

While both general dentists and prosthodontists are equipped to ensure your oral health, a prosthodontist offers specialized expertise that goes beyond the scope of general dentistry. This specialization can be particularly crucial for patients needing more than routine care.

General dentists are akin to primary care physicians for your oral health, providing comprehensive services that address a wide range of dental needs, including cleanings, fillings, and basic dental procedures. They are the frontline of your dental care, offering diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of general dental conditions. However, when faced with more complex dental issues that involve restoring and replacing teeth, the skills and training of a prosthodontist become indispensable.

Prosthodontists are the architects of dental treatment plans. They specialize in the restoration and replacement of teeth, making them experts in dental implants, dentures, bridges and complex care management. This specialization requires an additional three years of post-dental school training in a CODA-accredited prosthodontic graduate program, where they master advanced techniques for treating diverse and challenging dental conditions.

Complex and Comprehensive Care Tailored to Your Needs

The importance of seeing a prosthodontist is based in their ability to handle intricate dental issues with precision and care. For patients with severe damage, missing teeth or complex oral health needs, a prosthodontist can provide solutions that not only focus on aesthetics but also ensure functionality and health. They employ a comprehensive approach, considering factors such as facial structure and long-term oral health, to create personalized treatment plans that meet the unique needs of each patient.

Furthermore, prosthodontists are at the forefront of dental technology and materials, often utilizing the latest advancements to achieve optimal outcomes. Whether you are receiving a single-tooth replacement or a full-mouth reconstruction, prosthodontists are skilled in creating natural-looking, durable restorations that enhance both the form and function of your smile.

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When you choose to meet with our prosthodontists, you are investing in the highest standard of care for your oral health and smile. Dr. Chertok’s and Dr. Aguirre’s specialized training and experience make them the ideal choice for restoring your smile’s beauty and functionality. We welcome you to call us at 720-792-8227 today to learn more and schedule your appointment with our prosthodontists in Denver, Colorado!

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Dr. Chertok, Dr. Aguirre, Dr. Chai, Dr. Luter and our team are committed to helping you achieve a confident, healthy and beautiful smile. Your health, smile and well-being are our highest priorities, and we offer the full scope of prosthodontic and oral surgery procedures to meet your unique needs. We invite you to call Cherry Creek Restorative Dentistry today to schedule your personal consultation and learn how comprehensive specialty dental care in Denver, Colorado, can benefit you!

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